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​Jarred is a glass artist from Christchurch, Aotearoa, currently living in Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia. He is a scientific glass blower working in the chemistry, nano-technology and microbiology industry. He is influenced by the organic forms that arise in the imperceptible microcosm of nature and how the amorphous solid/fluid that is molten glass can accurately portray it. 

Breathing life into the glass, pushing and pulling with subtle movements - creates shapes and forms that mimics microscopic organisms in a process that blurs creation and evolution, liquification and crystallisation, animated movement of molten glass cooling to be frozen in time culminating in the amoebic small scale sculpture.

Jarred finds influence in the natural forms that appear under the microscope in the sciences and he also maintains an affinity to the unique flora, fauna and artistic styling of his home land, Aotearoa. All of his work is shaped by hand (and mouth) while molten hot in the old tradition of bench torch glass blowing techniques.

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