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The Tom Malone Glass Art Prize is Australia’s most significant award for Contemporary Glass Art with the winning artist receiving $20,000. The Prize was initiated in 2003 by Governor of the Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation, Elizabeth Malone. Since 2018, the prize continues through the support of foundation Benefactor, Sheryl Grimwood. Now in its 21st year, this highly respected exhibition will be showcased in a new home at Linton and Kay Galleries in The Pickle District, West Perth.

Congratulations to the 23 artists that have been shortlisted for this year's prize. Their innovative, dynamic works will be judged just before the exhibition officially opens to determine the final winning work and the 2023 Tom Malone Prize-winning Artist.



The Tom Malone Prize is a highly respected national event within the Australian glass arts community and it has played an integral role in the Gallery's acquisition of works by Australia's most inspiring, innovative and accomplished artists working in this art form.

Jarred's entry features hand blown smokey black glass and silver nitrate mirroring to create a mirrored glass form of the Rorschach Inkblot Test allowing each viewer to project and re-interpret the pattern of the forms they see.

The fifteen shortlisted works demonstrate how our nation’s glass artists continue to invent and reinvent, to challenge themselves technically, and to find new frameworks to distil human experience in accessible and enlivening ways.

Tom Malone Prize 2020: Press
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