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The Colour Blue


9 - 26 May 2023

Land St Gallery

6 Land St


As part of a traveling group show, 'New Glass', with The Glassery, 'Uncanny Valley' used AI to generate images based on my previous art works. I recreated these designs as closely as possible in glass. An exercise in circular inspiration and revisiting the discussion of who gets credit and compensation for AI designs based on real artists work.

Written by ChatGPT: 

The impact of AI-generated images on the physical creative arts and crafts industries is a

complex topic that can have both positive and negative effects. On the one hand, AI-generated images can provide artists and designers with new sources of inspiration and creative tools that can help them to develop new ideas and techniques. AI algorithms can generate vast amounts of data and visual references that can be used as a starting point for artistic experimentation. Additionally, AI-generated images can also be used as a means of automating certain aspects of the creative process, such as repetitive tasks or complex simulations. This can free up artists time and energy, allowing them to focus on more creative and expressive aspects of their work.


However, on the other hand, AI-generated images may also have negative effects on the

physical creative arts and crafts industries. For example, they could potentially make it easier

for non-artists to create and sell artwork, potentially reducing the value of traditional artistic

skills and craftsmanship. Furthermore, there is a risk that AI-generated images could lead to a homogenization of artistic styles, as artists rely more heavily on automated tools and algorithms rather than developing their own unique approaches.


Overall, the impact of AI-generated images on the physical creative arts and crafts industries

will depend on how artists and designers choose to incorporate these tools into their work. If used thoughtfully and creatively, AI-generated images could provide a valuable source of

inspiration and creative tools. However, if relied on too heavily, they could potentially erode

the unique and valuable contributions of traditional artistic skills and craftsmanship.

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